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  • Password Security
    Passwords provide a mechanism for user authentication... more
  • Web Browser Security
    Check your browser settings and keep it up-to-date by applying latest... more
  • Email Security
    Always double check the recipient’s address ... more
  • Social Engineering
    Remember that “Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people”... more
  • Online Transactions Security
    You can control your online experience by educating yourself... more
  • Instant Messaging Security
    Never use Instant Messaging to discuss confidential... more
  • Information Protection
    All information is considered important and should be protected... more
  • Securing Wifi Networks
    There are four methods for securing the access to Wi-Fi Network... more


In Lebanon, 47% of the Lebanese population that uses social media is between the age of 18 and 29.
Over 60% of children and teenagers talk in chat rooms on a daily basis.
In France, 72% of children surf online alone, and while 85% of parents know about parental control software, only 30% have installed it.
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