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    A Safety Guide for Web Threats
    Teens say that “cyberbullying” is sooo “middle school.” They are too mature to do those kinds of things in high school.
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    Safety Tips for Peer-to-Peer File-sharing
    Peer-to-peer (P2P) fi le-sharing services are a popular tool that enables young people to share media
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    Safety Tips for Cyberbullying
    Using the internet and technology should be a positive experience for young people, and for most of them it is.
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    Safety Tips for Online Grooming
    “Grooming” is the way sexual predators get from bad intentions to sexual exploitation. Basically, grooming is manipulation.
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    Inappropriate Content
    Many parents are concerned about their kids having access to websites that they do not wish them to see.
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    Privacy and Security on Social Networking Sites
    Social networking sites are now extremely popular among people of all generations.
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    Cell Phone Safety and Security
    Cell phones are a favorite way for people to get online. Like any device that is internet-connected, it has all the risks that come with using a computer.
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    The Family Online Internet Safety Contract
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